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Forklift driver and reach truck driver training Eindhoven

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Would you like to develop additional skills in the logistics field and learn how to drive a forklift truck or reach truck? You are now able to obtain a certificate within 4 days and in addition, Manpower will find you the perfect job. Is this the chance you have been waiting for? Please continue reading! For several logistic providers in North-Brabant, Manpower is looking for logistics and warehouse employees who are willing to achieve multiple certificates. We are specialized in the training of forklift truck and reach truck drivers. About the company; The Manpower Logistics Academy is the trainings center for logistics in the Netherlands. We combine our knowledge of the industry with craftsmanship. Our goal is to provide you with the correct education so that you are able to work for one of our clients. We provide flexibility and speed, not only for you, but also for our clients. Craftsmanship and personal safety are the main priorities within the Manpower Logistics Academy.  With the Manpower Logistics Academy we offer you the possibility to qualify yourself for internal transport job. Within the Manpower Logistics Academy, we select and train candidates. Eventually the local Manpower office will create a match between you and one of our clients. What do we offer you?We offer you a basic (safety) training. This training consists of an online theoretical training and a four-day practical training. The training is mainly focused on the qualified driving of a: forklift truck, a reach truck and an electric pallet truck. Once you have completed the course successfully, you will receive a certificate which is valid for five years. But, what are the advantages for you?- The possibility to achieve a certificate and therefore the chance to start with one of Manpower's client in for example Eindhoven- The working conditions are different between our clients. This includes travel expenses, shift allowances and other conditions. The salaries these clients offer vary between 9,62 and 11,22 euro gross per hour- After completing this course, you have gained more than 400% more practical experience than within regular education- The programs are closely linked to the demand of the market. After completing this course you are able to operate the most common trucks, such as: the forklift truck, a reach truck and an electric pallet truck - You will receive personal guidance within small groups, therefor we will be able to get to know you well and as a result we can find the right job for you. (Job) activitiesIf you are going to work for one of our logistic clients in North-Brabant, you will conduct the following activities:- Order picking- Packing and repacking of products- Checking and preparing consignments for shipment- Sort, place and transfer of stored goods- Complying of company procedures- Unloading, controlling, installing and transferring of goods in the warehouse- Transporting orders- Loading pallets with products into the trucks- Conducting inventory counts and reporting on stock- Registering operations in the atomized computer system Jouw profielJob requirementsThe following requirements are mandatory if you want to be eligible for the forklift truck and reach truck drivers training.- You have at least an intermediate vocational (MBO) working and thinking level- You are extremely motivated to achieve your certificate within 4 days- You preferably have experience as a logistics warehouse employee. However this is not mandatory- During this four-day training you are available for at least 40 hours a week, after the course the amount of working hours per week varies  between clients- You live near Eindhoven, for example in Weert or Helmond Because it is not sure for which client you will possibly be working for, we are not able to inform you on the specific job requirements, but generally the following requirements are most important.- You are flexible in terms of working hours- You are prepared to work in different shifts- You are willing to work on holidays, weekends, evenings and in some cases during the night- You are available 40 hours per week- You are able to perform heavily physical work- You are able to apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG)- Preferably, you master the English language- You are in possession of your own transportation (car, bicycle, moped) Starting date vacancyThere are multiple intake dates for this course. Apply now and you will be invited for an introduction!Do you recognize yourself in the profile above? Apply online by clicking on the âApply directâ button. The selection process- Apply online by clicking on the âApply directâ button- Fill in the questionnaire that you will receive within minutes via e-mail(without these answers, we are not be able to further process your application)- An assessment of the application, based on your CV and questionnaire will be conducted- Your application will be forwarded to the Manpower establishment where your application will be proceeded- Conduct the online skills assessment that you will receive by e-mail- The Manpower establishment will contact you to conduct a telephonic interview - (Possibly) a job interview will  be scheduled with the clientIs the vacancy still visible on the Manpower website? That means the vacancy remains available!We are looking forward to you online application!

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